Geographical Range Southeast Asia (India to the Philippines)
Habitat Tropical forests and mountain rain forests
Scientific Name Ophiophagus hannah
Conservation Status Vulnerable

Reaching a maximum length of 18 feet, the king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world.

When threatened it will spread a narrow hood and hiss loudly. However, it is not aggressive, as legend has it. The diet is fairly specialized and consists mainly of other snakes, including young reticulated pythons.

A female king cobra will use a body loop to pull dead vegetation and soil into a pile, which will serve as a nest. The nesting site is generally located in a bamboo thicket. A single female can lay between 20 and 43 eggs which are deposited within the nest. Throughout incubation, the female will remain coiled above or near the nest. The role of this behavior is unknown, but it may serve as protection against nest predators or for purposes of thermoregulation. Prior to the eggs hatching, the female stops her "guarding" behavior.