Geographical Range Southwestern United States, northwestern Mexico
Habitat Deserts, scrublands, rocky hillsides, agricultural areas
Scientific Name Lichanura trivirgata
Conservation Status Not listed by IUCN

This attractive little snake is one of the smallest boa constrictors, rarely growing longer than three feet. It lives in the rocky areas of certain North American deserts and scrublands.

The rosy boa is most active at dusk and at night, though in cooler regions it also comes out during the day. It feeds on a variety of prey including small mammals, lizards and birds -- suffocating them within its powerful coils.

When the boa itself is threatened, it rolls into a ball, keeping its head in the center. This seems to make it difficult for predators to kill it, though occasionally they’ll take a bite from its tail. The boa’s final defense is to release a foul-smelling substance from glands near the base of its tail, which often repels its attacker.