Geographical Range Northern Australia, southern Papua New Guinea
Habitat Rivers, streams, lakes, lagoons
Scientific Name Carettochelys insculpta
Conservation Status Threatened

One look at its fleshy snout and big nostrils, and you can see where the pig-nosed turtle got its name. But this freshwater turtle has a number of other unique body features. Its front limbs have undersized claws and are shaped like paddles - much like those of sea turtles. This means that the pig-nosed turtle rows through the water by moving its forelimbs in unison (as do marine turtles), rather than swimming like other freshwater turtles. And here's another interesting physical feature: although the turtle's upper shell is covered by a layer of skin, it's not a softshell turtle.

Did you Know?

The pig-nosed turtle is sometimes known as the Fly River turtle, named after one body of water in New Guinea where it's commonly found.