Geographical Range Northeastern Australia, southern New Guinea
Habitat Mainly in rivers and streams; also in lakes, lagoons, and ponds
Scientific Name Emydura subglobosa
Conservation Status Common

The peculiar filaments or “barbels" on this turtle’s chin give a clue to its feeding style. The animal uses them to help it forage for live prey along the bottom of streams and ponds. Its favorite foods are crustaceans, mollusks, fish, and aquatic insects.

This turtle is a side-necked turtle, as are all turtle species of New Guinea and Australia. They pull their necks in sideways, in contrast to North American turtles, which pull the head straight back into the shell. This active, aquatic turtle reaches up to 10 inches in shell length.

Did You Know?

The bright colors of this attractive turtle give it the pet trade nick-name of "painted terrapin".