Wildlife Contraception Book

Edited by Cheryl S. Asa and Ingrid J. Porton

This collection of essays is the first major work in more than a decade to discuss the critical issue of wildlife contraception and the first to consider contraception for wild animals in captivity. This comprehensive collection uses the most recent data to address problems related to unrestricted population growth, the ethics of wildlife contraception, and regulatory issues facing wildlife managers, animal rights organizations, zoos worldwide, and anyone interested in the humane control of animal populations. The authors, leading experts on their respective topics, analyze the use of wildlife contraception for various animal populations, including primates, ungulates, carnivores, pinnipeds, cetaceans, and other mammals. Chapters describe types of contraception and their effects and evaluate the best methods for different applications.

The editors are co-directors of the AZA Wildlife Contraception Center at the Saint Louis Zoo.

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Foreword, by M. Hutchins
Introduction: The need for wildlife contraception: Problems related to unrestricted population growth, by C.S. Asa and I.J. Porton

Part I: The Issues
Ch 1: The ethics of wildlife contraception, by I.J.Porton
Ch 2: Regulatory issues, by J.F. Kirkpatrick and W. Jöchle

Part II : The Methods
Ch 3: Types of contraception: The choices, by C.S.Asa
Ch 4: Assessing efficacy and reversibility, by C.S.Asa
Ch 5: Adverse effects of contraceptives, by L. Munson, A. Moresco, and P.P. Calle
Ch 6: Choosing the most appropriate contraceptive, by C.S. Asa, I.J. Porton, and P.P. Calle

Part III: The Application
Ch 7: Contraception in carnivores, by K.E. DeMatteo
Ch 8: Contraception in nonhuman primates by I.J. Porton and K.E DeMatteo
Ch 9: Contraception in ungulates by M.L. Patton, L.M. Penfold, and W. Jöchle
Ch 10: Contraception in pinnipeds and cetaceans, by P.P. Calle
Ch 11: Contraception in other mammals, by K.E. DeMatteo
Ch 12: Contraceptive agents in aggression control, by L.M. Penfold, M.L.Patton, and W. Jöchle
Ch 13: Contraception in free-ranging wildlife, by J.F. Kirkpatrick and K.M. Frank

Epilogue: Future directions in wildlife contraception, by C.S. Asa and I.J. Porton