Endocrinology Technician


B.S.—Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

Areas of Expertise

Radioimmunoassay and Enzymeimmunoassay methods
Animal behavior monitoring
Reproductive and stress physiology

About Helen Clawitter

Helen began working for the Reproductive and Behavioral Sciences Department in 2015, after completing an internship in the Endocrine Lab. She assists with projects that monitor reproductive status and animal well-being by performing enzymeimmunoassays and radioimmunoassays to determine concentrations of hormones in fecal, urine, saliva, or serum samples.

While an undergraduate in the Biology Department at Washington University in St. Louis, Helen began research in plant and animal ecology.  Initially, Helen studied Echinacia tennesseensis populations and their viability at the Missouri Botanical Garden, but found her interest in animals was pulling her in a different direction. She began independent research in animal ecology at Washington University’s Tyson Research Center shortly before graduating, leading her to pursue externships with the Behavior Research Lab and the Endocrinology Lab at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Helen is currently contributing to various research projects in Reproductive and Behavioral Sciences, such as patterns of fecal progestagens, estrogens and glucocorticoids during pregnancy in Grevy’s Zebra. She is grateful to have so many opportunities to satisfy her curiosity about animals through hormone testing.