Just like the Saint Louis Zoo, you can help save animals and their habitats. Start in your own backyard with a garden or tree-planting. Make sure you use your water and enery resources wisely. And look for products that are made with helping the environment in mind. Your projects and every day activities at home will save money and resources. More than that, you will also help enhance and preserve nature!

Bird and Butterfly Gardens

You can create a welcoming environment for birds and butterflies in your own neighborhood! And, it doesn't require much effort or expertise. 

Don't Buy It

Hundreds of animal species face extinction in the wild. You can help protect these species by refusing to purchase any products made from them. Before you buy an animal product, check whether the species is in danger of extinction.

Energy Audit

Government agencies, corporations, school districts and communities conduct energy audits to save money and resources. You can, too! Learn about some of the things you should look for in your household.

Finding Forest-Friendly Products

Hundreds of animals worldwide are in danger of extinction because we are destroying their forest homes faster than the forests can regrow. One of the best ways to preserve forests--and the animals that make them their home-- is to reduce the demand for unnecessary wood products

Soil and Water Tips

All living things depend on the soil and water for food. Everything we eat and most of what we wear come from the soil. Soil is a fragile natural resource.