Wildlife Veterinarian, Bahia Brazil


PhD – Evandro Chagas Institute, Para Brazil
DVM – Paulista State University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
MS – State University of Santa Cruz, Bahia, Brazil

Area of Expertise

Conservation Medicine

Lilian Catenacci

Lilian is a Brazilian veterinarian and professor of Clinical and Wildlife Management at the Federal University of Piaui State in Brazil and also a PhD student in virology at the Evandro Chagas Institute. She completed her Master thesis in Zoology at Santa Cruz State University. Since 2005, Lilian has been a research collaborator of the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp, Belgium, and for 4 years she was on the board of the Brazilian Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (ABRAVAS). In 2015, as part of her doctoral studies, Lilian worked at the Institute for Conservation Medicine in the Saint Louis Zoo, in St Louis, USA.  Lilian's academic interests are in the fields of conservation medicine, public health and wildlife veterinary medicine. Her ongoing research focuses on studying outbreaks of arbovirus infections in wildlife and human populations in and around protected natural areas of north-eastern Brazil.