The Saint Louis Zoo is pleased to have the following distinguished scientists and conservationists as Conservation Fellows who will advise and assist the Zoo on the Conservation Centers with which they are associated, and assist the Zoo in identifying potential funding sources for those centers.

Stuart Williams, PhD Flora and Fauna International – Horn of Africa Conservation Center

Dan Rubenstein, PhD Princeton University - Horn of Africa Conservation Center

Patricia Moehlman, PhD IUCN Equid Group - Horn of Africa Conservation Center

Belinda Low Grevy's Zebra Trust - Horn of Africa Conservation Center

Ian Craig Northern Rangelands Trust/Lewa Wildlife Conservancy - Horn of Africa Conservation Center

Armand Randrianasolo, PhD Missouri Botanical Gardens – Lemur Conservation Center

Bette Loiselle, PhD Director, International Center for Tropical Ecology, UM-SL – Conservation Training Consortium, Lemur Conservation Center

Patrick Osborne, PhD Executive Director, ICTE at UM-SL – Conservation Training Consortium.

Thomas Coon, PhD College of Natural Resources, Michigan State University – Conservation Training Consortium

Nat Frazer, PhD Chair, Department of Wildlife Ecology, University of Florida – Conservation Training Consortium

David Wiedenfeld, PhD Scientific Director, Charles Darwin Research Station – Avian Health Center in the Galapagos Islands

Hernan Vargas, PhD candidate Oxford University, ornithologist at the Charles Darwin Research Station

Dr. Howard Snell, Director of Science Charles Darwin Research Station and the University of New Mexico.

Yue-wern Huang, PhD University of Missouri-Rolla – Hellbender Conservation Center

Lisa Dabek, PhD Roger Williams Park Zoo - Papua New Guinea Conservation Center

Gerardo Camilo, PhD St. Louis University – Bosawas Conservation Center

Yolanda Matamoros Director San Jose Zoo (Costa Rica) and Meso-American and Caribbean Zoo Association - Meso-American interests

Niklai Orlov, PhD Russian Academy of Sciences – Middle Easter Viper Conservation Center

Natalia Ananjeva Curator of Herpetology – Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

John Newby Wildlife Department of the United Arab Emirates – Sahelo-Saharan Antelope Conservation Center

Tim Wacher, PhD Zoological Society of London

Sarah Durant, PhD Zoological Society of London, Director, Tanzanian Carnivore Conservation Center at the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute – Cheetah Conservation Center

Jonathan Losos, PhD Washington University – St. Louis

Susie Ellis, PhD Program Officer for Conservation International

Dr. Mark Stanley Price Director Durrell (Jersey) Wildlife Trust