Who: Teachers, families, students and adults
What: Learn about our amazing Zoo, conservation efforts, ways to help animals and more!
How: Games, classes, tours, shows, activities and lectures
Why: To learn. To connect. To smile. To inspire.


Don't forget our STLZOOms live webinars! Join one of the Zoo's Educators from their homes to learn more about animals and how amazing they are.


Distance Learning 

The Saint Louis Zoo presents classes using state-of-the-art Polycom videoconferencing equipment. Connect with us to take virtual tours of various areas of the Zoo and learn about animal adaptations, habitats and conservation programs. All programs are interactive and may utilize any of the following: live video from our Zoo habitats, pre-recorded video footage, biofacts, and other means to create a memorable learning experience.  

Requirements for scheduling sites: A minimum connection speed of 384k preferred. We can connect to organizations directly via IP technology to traditional H.323 equipment. For schools without traditional equipment, we can connect via Zoom. 

Distance Learning