STLZOOms for School Audiences

Wednesdays at 10 a.m. 

Check back weekly for an updated schedule of webinars. 

These FREE presentations are targeted for school audiences.  Please check each description for the ideal grade range (varies from week to week). Each presentation will last 20 to 30 minutes and online attendance is limited to 500.  Registration required.

Please note: Zoo animals may not be part of this programming

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Programs for School Groups

Wednesday, February 24:  A special webinar in honor of Polar Bear Day (February 27)

Description: Polar bears are the largest land predators in the world! Join a zoo educator live from the home of our resident polar bear, Kali (pronounced Cully), as we learn all about these amazing bears and what we can do to help them in the wild! Happy Polar Bear day everyone!  Ideal for 6th-8th grade.

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Wednesday, March 3: Animal Artist Jr.

Description:  Singing, dancing, designing, and building all sound like fun things people do, but animals do them too! Join the webinar to find out how and why animals create artistic works. You will leave inspired to make your own art! (Ideal for Preschool - 3rd grade)
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Wednesday, March 10: Birthday Bash

Description: Join Zoo Educator Tiffany on her birthday to learn how the Saint Louis Zoo celebrates animal birthdays! From large, smash-able boxes to delicious treats, see how the animals enjoy enrichment on their special day. (Appropriate for all ages)
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Wednesday, March 17: Bear Awareness Week

Description: Coming soon!

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Wednesday, March 24: TBD

Wednesday, March 31: Keeping Our Waterways Clean

Description: Join a Zoo Educator for a live demonstration of water pollution to learn how we can all help keep our local waterways clean. This webinar is suitable for all ages, but geared toward 3rd-5th grade.
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