Did you miss any of our webinars from this past spring and summer? These webinars include crafts, activities and information videos geared for children and families. Visit our Youtube channel or the links below.

All About Lions

I’m not “lion,” these big cats are awesome. Let’s learn about lions in the wild and at our Zoo!
Ideal for students in 2nd-5th grade.

All About Animals: Primates

Swing on in for this fun webinar on primates! We’ll discuss the different primate groups, what makes them unique, and learn about some of our amazing primates at the Saint Louis Zoo with a special surprise appearance! 

Ideal for 3rd-5th grade audiences.

Extreme Animals: Monotremes

Monotremes are extreme! Echidnas and platypuses are some of the most unique animals on earth. Join us as we learn what adaptations make them exciting and extreme! We’ll also learn about the echidnas that call the Zoo home. 
Ideal for 3rd-5th grade.

Animal Homes

Deep dark burrows and cozy nests in tall trees are just a few places animals may call home. Join Zoo Educator Connor in his 'natural habitat' as he shows us some incredible animal homes and how they relate to our own!

Ideal for 2nd-5th grade.

Cold Water Adaptations

Are you ready to take a polar bear plunge? Have you ever wondered how animals can stand swimming and living in icy waters? Chill out with a Saint Louis Zoo educator as we discuss the special traits some animals have to help them survive in the coldest waters on the planet.  

Ideal for 2nd-5th grade.

All About GUTs: Gorals, Urials, and Takins

Let’s get ‘takin’ about some animals that like to make the mountains their home. Hoof it on over as we discuss how these hooved animals survive in their habitats.
Ideal for 3rd-5th grade students.

All About Spiders

What has two body parts, sometimes six eyes, and eight legs? Spiders! In this webinar we will learn about the world of spiders, and how unique and cool these animals really are.
Ideal for 3rd-5th grade.

Specifically, Snakes

In celebration of World Snake Day, this webinar highlights our reptilian friends, the snakes! At the Saint Louis Zoo, there are many species that call the Herpetarium home. Join us as we learn more about these fascinating animals and the adaptations that make them unique!
 Ideal for 3rd-5th grade.

The Incredible Insectarium

We're celebrating National Zookeeper Week! 
Join a Zoo Educator to learn about the variety of animals that are cared for in the Insectarium. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes peak into the keeper world to find out what it takes to be an Insectarium Keeper.

Ideal for 4th grade and up.

A Day in the Life of Penguins and Puffins

We're celebrating National Zookeeper Week! 
Join this fun webinar experience as we learn about the coolest building at the Saint Louis Zoo, Brrrrr! Penguin and Puffin Coast is a unique area that provides a chilly home for both penguins and puffins along with exceptional zookeeper care. Grab your jacket and let’s find out more! 

Ideal for all ages.

The Animal Training at the Zoo

We're celebrating National Zookeeper Week!
Join us as we learn how zookeepers use positive reinforcement training to provide care and enrichment for the animals at the Zoo.
Ideal for 6th-8th grade.

All About Tigers

We're celebrating World Tiger Day!

Tigers are the largest cats in the world! Join a Zoo Educator, along with a tiger zookeeper, to learn all about these amazing, striped cats and how you can do your part to help tigers in the wild!  Happy World Tiger Day!  

Appropriate for all ages.


Animal Heroes 

Come learn about the amazing ways animals help our environment stay green! 

Ideal for K-3rd grade

Be A Scientist: Look Closely!

Play a few animal games and develop your science observation skills with a Zoo educator! We’ll learn about lightning bugs, zebras and other zoo animals.

Ideal for 3rd-5th grade

Habitat: Rain forest

Join us for our four-part habitat series webinar! The rain forest is home to more animal species than any other habitat in the world! Join us as we explore the four layers of the rain forest and learn about the amazing animals that call this place home!  

Ideal for 3rd-5th grade

What the Bones Know

Animal adaptations go bone deep.  In this webinar we will inspect the intricacies of bones and how they can give us clues about the animal. 
Ideal for 6th-8th grades.

Seal and Sea Lion Superstars

On World Ocean's Day, dive into the world of our fin-footed friends as we explore how seals and sea lions are suited for life both in the water and on land!Ideal for K-3rd grade


All About Sharks

Join us for a fin-tastic webinar all about sharks! From great whites to cookie cutters, these fish come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Did you know there are even sharks at the Saint Louis Zoo? Grab your snorkel as we dive in and learn more! 
Ideal of 5th grade and up.

Habitat: Arctic

Join us for our second webinar in the habitat series featuring the Arctic! The Arctic is a place where ice is nice and important for survival! Grab your coat and prepare to learn about some awesome Arctic animals, including Kali the polar bear! 
Ideal for 3rd-5th grade.

Zoo Busters

Do toads give us warts? Are black cats bad luck? There are plenty of animals with bad reputations, but most of the time these are just silly stories. In this program, we will discuss common animal misconceptions and debunk negative myths. We'll learn new and exciting information about some of the animals people tend to fear the most! 
Most appropriate for 4th-8th grade.

Animal Engineers: Birds

Did you know birds are engineers? Let’s see how birds design and build nests to meet their needs in different kinds of habitats.

Ideal for 6th-12th grade.

Animal Dads

Join us as we learn the role male animals play in the animal kingdom. What animals make good dads? How do they take care of their animal babies? We'll find out together in this special Father's Day live webinar. 
Ideal for children up to 3rd grade

Family Fun: Animal Behaviors

Scientists study animal behavior to learn more about them and we can too. Using the ‘Observe to Learn’ app we will practice these skills while watching a Zoo animal together. This free app does not need to be downloaded prior to the webinar, but is recommended. Ideal for 6th grade and up.

Habitat: Grassland

Join us for our third webinar in the habitat series featuring grasslands! Grasslands are found right here in Missouri, and they are home to animals that live above and below ground! Come along and learn about the diverse animals that live in sunny prairies!  Ideal for 3rd-5th grade.


Did you know there are thousands of types of living creatures that can be found in just one tablespoon of pond water? Join Saint Louis Zoo Educator Connor as he leads us in another invertebrate observation project. We will discuss some of the notable aquatic invertebrates found in the Saint Louis area, how you can observe some safely from home, and why they are so important for our ecosystem's balance.

Ideal for families

What's the Skull?

Join educators as we explore the differences among animal skulls and discover what they tell us about the many different animals of the world.

Ideal for 6th grade and up

Unicorns, Dragons, and Giants, Oh My! 

Do you love stories about imaginary creatures like unicorns, giants, fairies, and dragons? Join us to discover how real animals at the Zoo and in the wild are like those storybook creatures.
This program is designed for children in preschool through 3rd grade.

Habitat: Desert

Join us for the fourth installment of our habitat series. The desert habitat may bring up images of cacti, camels, and sand, but don’t forget the penguins.  In this webinar we will learn how deserts are more than just heat and sand. 

Ideal for 3rd-5th grade.

What's the Buzz with Pollinators?

Buzzz Buzzz! Have you ever wondered why bees are always so busy? Why are some butterflies picky about the plants they visit? Join us as we discuss all the buzz around pollinators and how we can help them in our own backyard! This webinar will include a drawing activity; please have paper, pencil, and coloring utensils of your choice available.
Ideal for 2nd-4th grade.

American Sign Language: Alphabet and Animals 

Join Zoo Educator Tiffany during another ASL webinar to practice the alphabet, animal signs, and more. 

Ideal for all ages. (It is recommended that participants watch the previous ASL webinars below.

Animal Marionette Craft

Do you have lots of toilet paper rolls lying around? So do I! Join me to learn how to use those toilet paper rolls to create animal puppets called 'marionettes.'
Ideal for K-3rd grade.
Please bring the following items to the webinar: 2 to 4 toilet paper rolls, paint or markers, roll of string or twine, 2 Popsicle sticks or 2 sticks from your backyard or local park, tape, and scissors

Animal Features 

From sharp claws to bright colors, animals have amazing features, called adaptations, to help them survive in their habitat. Join us as we learn about different adaptations through discussions and observation of unique animal biofacts (e.g. feathers and skull replicas).

This webinar is ideal for upper elementary, but all are welcome.   

Animal Engineers-Biomimicry

We are always learning new and exciting things about animals.  Using nature and its many adaptations as a model, we will discover how to make use of all this knowledge for a more sustainable future.

This webinar is best suited for students 6th-12th grade.

ASL Animal Alphabet "A-I"

You asked, and we listened. Join Zoo Educator Tiffany again as she shows you the ASL alphabet and teaches you more about the animals. This will be a series of three webinars that break down the alphabet to allow for easier practice and more "guess the word" games. 

This webinar is best suited for families of all ages.

An Ecosphere Experience 

Join the Saint Louis Zoo in a DIY ecosphere project! Watch as Zoo Educator Connor walks us through the process of making a miniature world in a jar. Using materials from outside, learn to create a unique and fascinating way to safely observe small bugs from the comfort of our own homes! We will learn about local bugs, what they need, and why they are important as we dive into an instructional take on creating and maintaining our very own ecospheres.

This webinar is best suited for families of all ages.

Amazing Zoo Adventure

Who's behind that waterfall? What's behind that rock? Join us for an interactive silly story to learn about animals at the Saint Louis Zoo.

This webinar is ideal for PreK-2nd grade.

The Animals of Mexico & The Saint Louis Zoo

Join us to celebrate Mexico's diverse habitats and wildlife, from powerful jaguars to the mighty migrating monarchs. Learn how the Zoo (and you) can help them!

This will be most engaging for PreK-3rd grade.

Cat spots drawing activity PDF

Birds of a Feather

This webinar is for the birds! From beaks to feet, birds come in all shapes and sizes! Join us as we discuss the characteristics and behaviors that make birds unique, and ways we can help our local songbirds.

This webinar is most engaging for 1st-3rd grade.

ASL Animal Alphabet "J-Q"

You asked, and we listened. Join Zoo Educator Tiffany again as she shows you the ASL alphabet and teaches you more about the animals. This will be a series of three webinars that break down the alphabet to allow for easier practice and more "guess the word" games.

This webinar is ideal for families.

(Not So) Spooky Zoo Story

As the wind blows the dry leaves away, find out who's hiding! Join us for a not so spooky adventure to learn about animals at the Saint Louis Zoo. This webinar is ideal for ages PreK-2nd grade.

This webinar is ideal for PreK-2nd grade.

Classifying Animals From Scaly to Furry

How is a polar bear different from a parrot, or a frog different from a tortoise? Scientists group animals by characteristics and together we will learn about animals with backbones, from scaly to furry!

This webinar is ideal for 1st-3rd grade.


Animal Artists

Singing, dancing, designing, and building all sound like fun things people do, but animals do them too! Join the webinar to find out how and why animals create artistic works. You will leave inspired to make your own art!

Ideal for 3rd-5th grades.

ASL Animal Alphabet "R-Z"

You asked, and we listened. Join Zoo Educator Tiffany again as she shows you the ASL alphabet and teaches you more about the animals. This will be a series of three webinars that break down the alphabet to allow for easier practice and more "guess the word" games.

Ideal for families.


Backyard Biodiversity

Your backyard could be filled with more life than you think. In this webinar we will learn how to survey the type of plant and animal life in your home habitat. We will even discuss how you can determine how biodiverse your backyard really is!

Ideal for 6th-12th grades.


Radical Reptiles

These scaly, cold-blooded animals have many amazing features! This webinar will introduce us to the variety of reptiles through discussions, observations of biofacts (e.g.skulls), and meeting a surprise guest.

Animal Behavior Observations

Why do animals do the things they do? Come find out why it is important to learn about animal behavior. Scientists use ethograms to study animal behaviors and, in this webinar we will learn how to create our own ethogram for a live behavior study. 

Ideal for 6th-8th grade


Milkweed for Monarchs

Monarch butterflies migrate thousands of miles each year between Canada and Mexico. In this webinar come and learn how you can provide important habitat and prepare these iconic butterflies for their long journey. 

Ideal for all ages.

Animal Magic 

Animals have adaptations that can seem like magic!  This webinar will be most engaging for preschool through 2nd grade audiences, but all are welcome to join! Download the bunny cut-out (PDF)

Habitat Heroes

In this webinar, we will discuss various animal habitats and what makes them unique. Plus, we'll show you how you can help wild animals around your home. Parents, please have a pencil and paper handy for those participating. There will be an opportunity for questions toward the end of the session. This webinar will be most engaging for children in 3rd through 5th grades. Journaling activity (PDF) 


A to Zoo – Learn the ASL Alphabet

Learn the alphabet in American Sign Language (ASL) with a Zoo Educator during A-Z Animal Alphabet. This will be engaging for all ages. A to Z Animals from STLZOOMS (PDF) 

Frogs and Toads Around St. Louis

Have you ever wondered if that noise you hear at night is a frog, bird, or insect?  Join us to learn about the common frog and toad species found around the St. Louis metropolitan area and how to identify the different species based on their breeding calls.  Find out about the importance of frogs and toads to our ecosystems and how  you can participate in local conservation efforts.

This webinar will be most engaging for 3rd grade and up.

Where does the water go?  

What happens to water once it is absorbed into the ground?  Do our actions here in Missouri really impact the Mississippi River and beyond?  In this webinar we will learn the answers to these questions and how what we do in our yards can impact the animals that live downstream. 

This webinar is best suited for students 5th-7th grade.


Learn about amazing animal feats of speed and strength and other incredible abilities. Who will win the gold medal in each event? Join us for some friendly competition among critters to determine the champions of the animal world. 

This webinar is recommended for children in preschool - first grade.