• We are pleased to offer a Reflecting on Practice Coaching Workshop, designed by educational researchers from Lawrence Hall of Science and led in collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences and the Chicago Zoological Society. Reflecting on Practice is a modular professional learning program, specifically designed for informal educators, environmental educators, and interpreters.

    The workshop familiarizes leaders with a nationally field-tested curriculum for advancing informal education, and building an organizational culture of reflective practice and incorporating research on learning into everyday work experiences.

    During this workshop, you will (a) experience portions of the modular curriculum as a learner, (b) reflect on and problem solve for barriers related to shifting organizational culture, and (c) develop a personalized implementation plan for your own site. You will receive a curriculum binder, a book on coaching teams, and some follow-up support after the workshop is complete.

     Apply here for a Reflecting on Practice Coaching Workshop.

    January 30 - February 1, 2019 (9:00am - 5:00pm) - St. Louis Zoo, Missouri

    • Single Registrant Rate: $250 / person
    • Team Registrant Rate: $200 / person
    • Some sliding scale scholarships are available

    Costs includes a take-home binder, meals during the workshop, and follow-up support. 


  • Throughout the school year, the Saint Louis Zoo Education Department can provide tailor-made professional development opportunities to enhance your science curriculum and help you meet your students' needs. Perhaps you are using a textbook and wish to find additional hands-on or inquiry-based activities, or you need supplemental information to properly address Missouri Grade Level Expectations. Maybe you have a kit-based curriculum and need professional development on kit use. The Zoo staff will work with your school or district to provide materials, programs, and training to meet your specific needs.

    The Zoo Education Department staff is experienced in providing programs that blend content, methods, and student activities into cross-curricular activities that connect literacy, math, art and social sciences to science topics. Each workshop is designed to improve teacher confidence and raise comfort levels. Groups requesting workshops need to provide detailed information about their wishes in order to properly focus the professional development. All teacher workshops address applicable Missouri Grade Level Expectations.

    General Topics Include:

    Life Sciences
    Animal Behavior
    Animal Groups (e.g. birds, insects, etc.)
    Classification / Taxonomy
    Evolution and Natural Selection
    Life Cycles

    Biomes, Ecosystems, and Communities
    Food Chains and Webs
    Habitat and Niche
    Organisms and Populations

    Teaching Strategies
    Cross - curricular Applications
    Inquiry - based Science

    Other topics can be requested.

    Frameworks Addressed
    III. Living Systems
    IV. Ecology
    VII. Scientific Inquiry

    Professional Development Fees

    These professional development opportunities range in cost from $50 to $100 dollars per contact hour (plus travel costs-if applicable). The fee for these programs depends on materials, participant numbers, and presentation methods. Sessions can run from 2 to 6 hours in length, depending on the need. Multiple day sessions can also be arranged for a more in-depth experience. Please call (314) 646-4530 for more information.