In-Person Programs

All in-person programs will adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and all participants:   

  • Reduced number of participants per program session 
  • All participants must adhere to mask wearing protocols and practice social distancing during the entire program.  
  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, additional restrictions will be required for attending all in-person programs. See the sections on Covid-19 Guidelines for In-Person Programs, the Covid-19 Policy and the Covid-19 Terms and Conditions found on the Program Registration page. 
  • Unregistered participants cannot be accommodated.

Note: These programs are for ages 18 and up, unless otherwise specified.

  • Please note:  Additional programs may have sold out since our last website update.
  • For participants ages 18 and up  

    To help the Zoo save animals from extinction, you must unlock the secrets of the Zoo through a team building adventure!  Race against time to complete your mission by solving a series of puzzles and finding clues hidden along the pathways. Use these clues to discover what the Zoo is all about!  Build your team of up to 8 individuals.  

    Limited to 8 participants per TEAM 
    Fees are PER TEAM.  Only one team may register for each session
    Fee: Zoo Members $140/General Public $160 

    A0608EZ June 8 Tu 6:30-8 p.m.  
    A0712EZ July 12 M 6:30-8 p.m.  
    A0810EZ August 10 Tu 6:30-8 p.m.  
    A0908EZ September 8 W 5:30-7 p.m.  



  • For participants ages 18 and up  

    Did you know that spending time in nature is proven to have measurable benefits to your health? Discover the healing power of nature during this adults-only hike through a wooded trail at the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Park. Here you will learn how to spend quality time outdoors through gentle hikes, nature journaling, meditation, and more. Each participant will receive their own journal to continue their journaling practice at home.  Program participants meet at WildCare Park.   

    Limited to 8 participants per session 
    Fee: Zoo Members $32/General Public $36  

    W0624H1 June 24 Th 9:30-11:30 a.m.  
    W0624H2 June 24 Th 1-3 p.m.  
    W0731H1 July 31 Sa 9:30-11:30 a.m.  
    W0731H2 July 31 Sa 1-3 p.m.  


  • For participants ages 18 and up   

    Join us for an amazing experience at Stingrays at Caribbean Cove!  Meet the rays and learn how to touch and feed them.  We’ll make enrichment for our rays and find out how we can help animals in the wild.  After learning about what it takes to care for these special animals, you’ll have the opportunity to be in the pool for an up-close ray interaction (at the keeper’s discretion). Water shoes provided.   Please wear a T-shirt, khaki or jean shorts, and closed-toe shoes.  Bring a bottle of water and a camera.  Get ready to wade with our rays!    

    Note:  We do not recommend this program for people with shellfish allergies.  Please mention any latex allergies when registering. Entry into the Stingray pool is not guaranteed.  Pool entry will be determined by the discretion of the stingray keeper.    

    Limited to 2 participants per session 
    Fee: Zoo Members $150/General Public $160  

    A0605WR June 5 Sa 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0611WR June 11 F 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0619WR June 19 Sa 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0625WR June 25 F 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0709WR July 9 F 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0711WR July 11 Su 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0723WR July 23 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0725WR July 25 Su 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0731WR July 31 Sa 2-4:30 p.m.  
    A0808WR August 8 Su 2-4:30 p.m.  


  • For adult groups with participants ages 18 and up. Fees listed are per group.  

    Ever wonder what the Zoo is like after dark? Gather some friends and join us for this amazing opportunity to explore the Zoo at night! A Zoo educator will be your guide for your group to learn more about the animals. 

    Fee: $300 for your group of up to 9 friends 
    Tour Length: 90 minutes.  

    To start your booking, please fill out the request form below. 

    Please contact the Overnight Staff at or call (314) 568-1633 for more information.