The Library and Teacher Resource Center houses a diverse array of materials for use in the classroom. Teachers in the Saint Louis metropolitan area have access to DVDs, curriculum guides, activity books and kits. All materials are available for loan free of charge.


Updated for 2022-23!

Enhance your classroom experience with Zoocases, our hands-on loan kits for teachers in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Zoocases are filled with a host of engaging objects, information and fun activities. Reservations for a two-week Zoocase loan may be made beginning October 24, 2022.

The titles below are best suited for grades PK-5th, with developmentally differentiated activities that will allow you to choose what is best for your students and their learning.

  • Your students will dive into the world of ocean life by learning about adaptations, classification, life cycles, and what the Saint Louis Zoo does to promote conservation. This Zoocase includes lesson plans and materials for a variety of exciting, hands-on learning experiences, as well as books, biofacts and other materials to help students learn all about our underwater friends. 

  • Learn about how animals live in the extreme conditions of the North and South Poles and how we can help protect them and their special habitats. This kit includes differentiated lesson plans which include role-playing, self-guided exploration, STEM activities, and more with a focus on penguins and polar bears. 

  • What makes rainforests so remarkable? The diversity of wildlife that calls the rainforest home! This Zoocase will help learners explore the animals, plants, and unique features of this biome, while learning how they can help conserve and protect these majestic forests from afar! 

  • Discover the world of amphibians through classification, life cycles and adaptations with this Zoocase. Through hands-on activities, books and more, students will learn about how amazing our slimy friends are and what the Saint Louis Zoo is doing to help them.

  • Your students will become scientists to discover the world of reptiles while learning about adaptations, classification and conservation work being done by the Saint Louis Zoo. This Zoocase contains biofacts, hands-on activities, books and more. Students will gain empathy and appreciation for our scaly friends. 

Zoo Education staff can deliver/pickup Zoocases to schools and organizations in St Louis City and County for a $25 fee.  Title 1 schools can receive free delivery.  We cannot deliver to private residences. No more than two Zoocases may be delivered to the same address on one day. Deliveries are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The delivery fee must be paid online with a credit card.

Reservations for Zoocases may be made beginning October 24, 2022.

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Reference Volumes

In addition to our loan materials, the Zoo Library and Teacher Resource Center houses a collection of over 5,000 books and periodicals on conservation and zoology. View our collection through the Zoo's online library catalog. Please call (314) 646-4555 to make an appointment.

Reference Service

Zoo Library staff may be able to assist with questions about animals.  Inquiries may be sent to