The Saint Louis Zoo has a variety of outreach programs that can be delivered to large groups. Fun and informative, these programs were designed mainly for school groups but are appropriate for all ages and audiences. Below you will find some of our most popular assembly programs along with some new offerings. However, most of our programs can be adapted for large groups. We customize each program to meet your organization's needs, whether it's a corporate conference, scout pack meeting or school celebration or you can work with our staff to create a new program just for you.

Zoo Clues (NEW!)

Grades: K - 8
Programs length: 45 minutes

Join us on an adventure to solve animal mysteries! Help us use clues to learn about animals, their characteristics, and how the Saint Louis Zoo helps animals in the wild. This program includes audience participation, fun props, and Zoo educators will leave a bee hotel for your school as a fun way to involve your students in the conservation of our native Missouri animals.
NGSS: 2-LS4-1; 3-LS4-3; 5-ESS3-1; MS-LS2-4; MS-ESS3-3

Animal Champions

Grades: K - 12
Program length: 45 minutes

Can you run as fast as a cheetah or leap like a lemur? What is the world's largest snake and which bird travels the most miles? Test your knowledge and skill as we learn how adaptations help us and animals!
Missouri Science Grade Level Expectations: III-1A(1st) a, 1D(1st) b, c, d, 1D(5th) a, 1E(5th) d, VI-1A(4th) a, 1A(9-11) a, b, c, 1D(8th) a.

Are You Smarter Than a Zookeeper?

Grades: K - 12
Program length: 45 minutes

Can you tell a monkey from an ape? Can an opossum hang by its tail? Do zookeepers go in with the tigers to feed them? Test your groups' knowledge in this program to see if you are as smart as a zookeeper!
Missouri Science Grade Level Expectations: III-1A(1st) a, 1E(5th) d, VI-3B(9-11) a, b, 3C(4th) d.


Grades: K - 12
Program length: 45 minutes

Are you afraid of snakes? When you think of birds, do you think of horror movies? We'll bring some creatures that might ordinarily scare you and explain why these animals are really our friends.
Missouri Science Grade Level Expectations:III-1A(1st)a, 1E(5th) d, VI-1A(1st)a, 1A(4th)a, 1D(4th)a, 1D(8th)a, 1D(9-11) a,b, 3C(4th)d.

Zoo Careers

Grades: K - 12
Program length: 45 minutes

Have you ever thought about working at the Zoo? What would that be like? Students will find out which skills and educational requirements are necessary for someone to work at the Zoo.
Missouri Science Grade Level Expectations: VIII-2A (9-11th) a, 3B (9-11th) a, b, c, 3C (9-11th) a, 3D (9-11th) b

Information, Pricing and Scheduling

Please see Outreach Programs for information on pricing, requesting a program and frequently asked questions.

For more information, please contact the Education Department at (314) 646-4544, option #6 or e-mail