Scheduling an Outreach Program

Advance reservations and payment of any fees are required for all programs. (See below: section B To Schedule.)

Please plan your schedule carefully, since it may be difficult to reschedule if your plans change. Please note that Zoo education programs are quite popular and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

A. Before Scheduling

  1. Review the program to ensure it is appropriate for your audience. Remember that programs can be custom-designed to meet your needs.
  2. Check your school calendar. When is your spring break? Do you have special testing dates?
  3. Please note: The minimum group size for outreach programs is 10 participants. The maximum group size is 30, unless prior arrangements have been made or you are scheduling a larger assembly program. Additionally, the minimum group size for special needs programs is 8 and the maximum is 16.
  4. If your group wants a series of outreach programs at your site, we will be happy to discuss a tailored curriculum with you. We want to be your partner in maximizing the benefits of our programs and resources. To arrange a special curriculum or develop a contractual program, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at (314) 646-4754, or e-mail
  5. For School and Youth Groups:
  • A minimum of one adult chaperone per group is recommended for all youth programs. For childcare facilities, we do require that adult/child ratios be maintained at all times during the program(s). See Missouri Code of State Regulations 19 CSR 30-62.112 Staff/Child Ratios or Illinois Administrative Code Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers Section 407.190 Grouping and Staffing.
  • Adult group supervisors must remain with the students throughout all education programs. Please do not make discipline our job.
  • The minimum age for preschool programs is 2 years of age.

B. To Schedule

  1. Scheduling Hours: To get more information or schedule an outreach program, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at (314) 646-4754, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., or e-mail
  2. Amount of Notice Required: A minimum of eight weeks’ notice is required for all programs if you want to pay by check. Programs scheduled less than eight weeks, with a minimum of four weeks, require full credit card payment at the time of scheduling. We are unable to schedule programs less than four weeks away.
  3. Information Needed When You Call
  • Organization/school name, address, phone number, location of program, billing address (if different from location address)
  • Leader, teacher or other adult in charge of the group
  • Age/grade level and number of participants
  • Program choice and alternative choice
  • Date and time requested, and alternatives
  • Credit card information if paying by credit card
  • E-mail address optional

C. Payment

For groups scheduling at least 8 weeks in advance, an invoice will be sent promptly. Full payment is due 30 days from invoice date. If your payment is not received within 30 days, your program will be cancelled. For groups scheduling with less than 8 weeks notice, with a minimum of 4 weeks, full credit card payment is required at the time of scheduling. Your reservation is not confirmed until complete payment is received.

Please see the Outreach Request Form and Information Packet for information on pricing, outreach program agreement and frequently asked questions.

D. After Payment

After your payment is processed, we will mail confirmation materials to you. They will include the date, time and program reserved for your group. If you paid with a credit card, your credit card receipt and a copy of the invoice(s) will be included with your confirmation. Please double-check all information when you receive your confirmation. Keep the confirmation. You should have it with you on the date of your program.

E. Cancellations/Refunds

Please notify the Education Department at (314) 646-4544 or the Outreach Coordinator at (314) 646-4754 immediately if you need to cancel. Another group may be able to take your place.


Four Weeks Prior to Program:
A full refund will be issued minus a $5 cancellation fee if you notify the Education Department four weeks prior to your program. There is a $5 cancellation fee per program.

Two Weeks Prior to Program:
You are entitled to a 50% program fee refund if you notify the Education Department two - four weeks prior to your program date.

Less than Two Weeks Prior to Program:
There is no refund for groups that cancel with less than two weeks' notice.

Please note: In the event that your school and/or the Zoo is closed the day of your program due to weather, we will try to reschedule your program or issue a full refund.

Program transfers may be requested based on our ability to reschedule you. Transfers are determined by space availability. A $5 transfer fee will be charged per program for the first transfer date. A $10 transfer fee will be charged for additional transfers. Transfer fees must be paid with credit card at the time requested. We cannot accommodate same day or next day transfers.