The Saint Louis Zoo has been a cornerstone of St. Louis since 1910. Located in one of the largest urban parks in the country, the Zoo is open year-round with free admission. We welcome your school to explore this unique educational setting any time of year!

Our award-winning Education Department is available to enhance your learning experiences in a variety of ways, both on-site at the Zoo and at your location. As a globally recognized conservation organization, our conservation education programs: 

  • Are led by highly trained educators and highlight the 17,000+ animals that call the Saint Louis Zoo home
  • Offer distinctive Zoo experiences designed for school audiences
  • Highlight our conservation programs that save species here in Missouri and around the world
  • Encourage inquiry-based learning and thought processes that connect curriculum with real-world, authentic and hands-on opportunities
  • Align to Missouri and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Foster social-emotional connections to the natural world
  • Are rooted in evidence-based research for engagement, inclusivity and impact
  • Create connections with animals to inspire conservation efforts locally and globally

Consistently recognized as one of the top zoos in the nation, we pride ourselves on supporting innovative and inclusive programming like no other.  Our programs are competitively priced, and scholarships may be available. We look forward to supporting your learning objectives during your next Zoo experience! 

At the Zoo

We’re happy to welcome your school group to the Saint Louis Zoo and have a variety of programs for you to enjoy!


While we're always happy to have school groups come to the Zoo to take a program, we know it is not always possible. So we also offer outreach programs for schools -- so you can have the Zoo come to you! 

Distance Learning

Connect with us virtually to for a live, interactive program to learn about the Saint Louis Zoo and various animal adaptations, habitats, and conservation programs.

Philosophy Statement

We believe everyone has the right to learn. We believe we have the responsibility to influence positive conservation behavior to save the world. We believe that by fostering empathy, we are creating connections and inspiring action to help people, animals and the natural world. We believe that by collaborating with organizations of all kinds, we are stronger and more effective conservation educators. We believe it is our charge to inspire wonder and encourage curiosity.

To accomplish this, we provide experiences that are conservation-focused, learner-directed, inclusive and creative. We are reflective, intentional, flexible, strategic and passionate in our practice. We commit to providing learning opportunities that are engaging, high quality, evidence-based and developmentally appropriate. We will be leaders in conservation education, and we will change the world.