Are you looking for something a little "wild" for your after school program? The Zoo will come to you with exciting, interdisciplinary programs that involve students in hands-on, mentally engaging activities. Each six-session series includes both academic skills and social activities that engage students in collaborative learning.

How Far Will We Travel?

Our afterschool programs can be presented to school groups within a 30-mile radius of the Zoo.

Format: All three class options are designed for 6 weeks, visiting your location one day per week. Your organization can sign up for one or more sessions to run at the same time.

Program Length: 60 - 90 minutes

Number of Participants: 25 students per session

Program Materials (to be provided by the Host School): Markers, crayons, scissors, glue, blackboard, activity space and a secure room with tables or desks.

Price: 1 session $850; 2 concurrent sessions $1,500

For more information, call the Education Department at (314) 646-4544.

Who Is In Your Backyard?

Grade Level: K - 2nd

Who is in your backyard? That depends on where you live! In this six-week program, we will learn about six continents and the animals that live on them and meet some ambassador animals. We will also explore a culture from each continent through folktales, crafts, a song and more. So, become an international traveler and join us as we travel around the world.

Week 1: North America (Sioux Tribe - Midwest)
Week 2: South America (Inca - Andes Mountain Area)
Week 3: Africa (Zulu - South Africa)
Week 4: Europe (Ancient Greeks - Mediterranean)
Week 5: Asia (Indian People - India)
Week 6: Australia (Aborigines - Central Australia)

Animal Olympics

Grade Level: 3rd - 5th

In this six-week program, learn about animal extremes! We'll explore the history of the Olympics and discuss how humans compare to animal athletes. We'll look at adaptations, movement, sizes, and even ‘extreme' animals. Each session will include the opportunity to meet animals up close and create a take-home craft. The session will end with an "Olympic Training Course" in which we will see how we might compare to the animals we've learned about.

Week 1: Introduction / History of Olympics
Week 2: Animal Adaptations
Week 3: Animal Senses
Week 4: Animal Size
Week 5: Animal Extremes
Week 6: Olympic Training Course

Animal Adaptations

Grade Level 3rd – 8th

Why are animals such great survivors? It’s because of their amazing adaptations. In this program, we will explore adaptations that help animals acquire food, escape predators, move, conserve energy and more. Each week we will look at a different kind of adaptations and how it helps different animals from all over the globe.

Week 1: Introduction to Animal Adaptations
Week 2: Camouflage and Mimicry
Week 3: Nocturnal vs. Diurnal
Week 4: Animal Weaponry
Week 5: Animal Behaviors
Week 6: Communication

Animal Math

Grade Level: 6th - 8th

Did you know that people who work with animals also have to be good at math? In this program, you will investigate six different animal careers and the math skills needed for those jobs. Each week we will meet an animal, and work through some of the hands-on math activities related to the specific Zoo career. Get your pencils and calculators ready!

Week 1: Animal Researcher - measurement, data, and probability
Week 2: Zoo Keeper - algebraic relationships
Week 3: Zoo Veterinarian - mean, median, mode, graphing, and algebraic relationships
Week 4: Zoo Nutritionist - fractions, decimals, percent conversions, and pie charts
Week 5: Animal Ecologist - data, graphing and probability
Week 6: Habitat and Exhibit Designer - perimeter, area, scale and proportions

Animal Scene Investigation

Grade Level: 6th - 8th

In this six-week "who-done-it" program, we will explore and learn new ways to investigate the clues animals leave behind. Each week, we'll use this new knowledge to solve real life mysteries! Come prepared to solve a zoo mystery that spans all six weeks and practice your newly acquired observational skills.

Week 1: Animal Tracks
Week 2: Skulls, Bones, and Teeth
Week 3: Scat and Owl Pellet Investigation
Week 4: Indirect Clues from Decomposition
Week 5: Hidden Clues - Through the Microscope Lens
Week 6: Animal Mysteries