Please carefully review the program availability dates, to ensure your desired program is available on your preferred date.

Our classes are listed by grade level and cover four major themes to help teachers choose appropriate programs to fit their school curriculum. Themes include: adaptations, classification, conservation, and ecology.

Education classes take place in our classrooms, including The Living World and Exploration Outpost and on Zoo grounds. Classes may include live animals, biofacts, activities, demonstrations, and/or discussions. Most classes are offered in 30, 45, and 90 minute formats, September through May unless otherwise noted. Exceptions are our new STEM programs. A maximum of two adult chaperones will be permitted in the classroom(s) with any given group, unless you reported that a student will be bringing an aide or paraprofessional with them.  All other adults will need to wait elsewhere.

Program Title    PS     K     1    2    3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10     11     12    College 
Animal Wrappers  X  X                           
Penguin and Puffin Coast Class and Tour
(Class and tour combo)  
   X  X  X                       
North America     X  X   X   X   X   X                 
Wonderful Rainforests     X   X   X   X   X   X                 
Animal Life Cycles              X  X   X                     
Animals of the Americans Tour
(Docent-led tour) 
     X  X  X                    
Rainforest       X  X  X                    
Variety of Mammals           X  X  X                    
Nature of Science: Classification       X  X  X  X  X                 
Nature of Science: Animal Adaptations       X  X  X  X  X  X               
Animals on the Move           X  X                    
Balance in the Biomes         X  X                    
Nature of Science: Animal Scat and Tracks         X  X  X                  
Deserts          X  X  X                
Nature of Science: Observing Animals with Lewis and Clark             X  X  X                
“Show Me” Missouri              X  X  X                
“Show Me” Rivers                  X  X  X                
What’s the Buzz?                   X  X  X                
Biomimicry                 X  X  X
Web of Life (Docent-led tour)          X  X  X  X              
Endangered Species (Docent-led tour)            X  X  X              
Introductory Tour: Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center   (Docent-led tour)              X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  

Nature of Science: Animal Scene Investigation

             X  X  X  X          
Introductory Tour: Saint Louis Zoo Endangered Species Research Center and Veterinary Hospital
(Docent-led tour)
               X   X   X  X    X   X   X  
Biodiversity in Action                   X  X  X          
Conservation at the Zoo                X  X  X          
Earth Ecology                X  X  X           
Introduction to Animal Behavior                X  X  X           
Introduction to Zoo Careers                X  X  X           
Comparative Anatomy of Mammals                       X   X  X  X  
Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates                      X  X  X  X  
Nature of Science: Mystery in the Horn of Africa                       X  X  X  X  
Study of Animal Behavior                       X  X  X  X  
Zoo Careers                      X  X  X  X  
Advanced Tour: Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center   (Docent-led tour)                            X  X  X  X  

Advanced Tour: Saint Louis Zoo Endangered Species Research Center and Veterinary Hospital (Docent-led tour)  

                     X  X  X  X  
Conservation at the Zoo and Beyond                      X   X  X  X  X 
Program Title  PS  K   1  2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  College


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