Who: Grade 5
How many: 30-55 students, plus chaperones.
Where: Exploration Outpost in the Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center and Zoo grounds.

There are so many animals in the world; it's hard to learn about them all! But with basic classification, you can learn about groups of animals and learn about shared characteristics. In this overnight adventure students will learn how to classify major groups of animals by stepping into a dichotomous key during "What's in Your Bag". Students will learn shared characteristics of some of their favorite Zoo animals through the use of biofacts and observations.

Overnight includes a movie, a night hike, and a morning stroll. A pizza snack, continental breakfast, and souvenirs are also included.

Missouri Science GLES 5th Grade: Strand 3 – 1Da, 1Ea,b,c,d,e, 2Ca

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas: 5-LS2.A, 5-ESS3.C

For more information or to register, please contact the overnight programs staff, at (314) 646-4961 or by e-mail at overnights@stlzoo.org.