Who: Grades 3 - 4
How many: 30-55 students, plus chaperones.
Where: Exploration Outpost in the Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center and Zoo grounds.

Why are hyenas' heads pointy and why are gerenuks' necks so long? Why do some animals hibernate and some animals migrate? Animals have amazing adaptations which help them to survive in their habitats. During this overnight adventure your class will discover the importance of these structures and behaviors while they complete a structures and behavior bingo on Zoo grounds, or become an animal trying to survive in the wild, or by simply observing live animals.

Overnight includes a movie, a night hike, and a morning stroll. A pizza snack, continental breakfast, and souvenirs are also included.

Missouri Science GLES: Strand 3 – 1A a(3rd), Strand 4 – 1Aa(4th),  1Da(4th), 2Ab(3rd), 2Aab (4th), 3Cb,c,d (4th)

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas: 3-LS2.D, 3- LS3.A, 3-LS3.B, 3-LS4.B, 3-LS4.C, 3-LS4.D, 4-LS1.A, 4-LS1.D

For more information or to register, please contact the overnight programs staff, at (314) 646-4961 or by e-mail at overnights@stlzoo.org.