You don't have to be a kid to enjoy the Zoo -- you don't even have to come to the Zoo at all (although of course we love to have you here). If you can't visit us, then we can come to you!

The Saint Louis Zoo delivers adult outreach programs to libraries, senior centers, and various other community groups. Each program offers educational content, live animals interactions, and various objects from the animal world.

Animal Behavior

Have you ever wondered why animals do certain things? Is animal behavior important in a zoo? In this program, we will discover why and how scientists study animal behavior as it relates to reproduction at the Saint Louis Zoo. Information from mating and mate selection studies about cheetahs, Somali wild asses, and hellbenders is included.

Animal Communication

Have you ever heard a lemur love song?  Has a rabbit ever told you that he’s ‘not listening?’ Videos and live animals will tell the story of how researchers believe animals communicate.

Animal Enrichment - NEW!

Using the science of animal enrichment, keepers create zoo environments that provide a stimulating life for our animals, with opportunities to engage in natural behavior, be more active, and have more control over their environment. Enrichment helps satisfy both the physical and psychological needs of animals and allows them to make choices.

Art and Architecture

While most people come to the Zoo to see animals, visitors also enjoy a collection of beautiful art and architecture.  We will “tour” through some of the Zoo’s hidden art gems – even life-long visitors will find something new!  This program will feature live animal guests to represent different areas of the Zoo.

Baby Animals

One of the most exciting things at a zoo is when babies are born! In this program, we’ll look at pictures and hear stories of our newest residents. We'll also learn special baby names, as well as how animals care for their young. Some of the babies that have been born at the Saint Louis Zoo will make an appearance also.

Feathers and Fur

Birds and mammals have unique adaptations that allow them to live in some of the most extreme habitats on the planet.  Live animals will help showcase what characteristics these two classes share, as well as what makes them special.

Meet Me in St. Louis

The 1904 World's Fair in Forest Park put St. Louis on the map. Discover interesting facts about the Fair and the animals that were brought there. We'll also discuss how Forest Park has changed over the past 100 years. Learn about the animals that you could currently find hiding out in the Park.

Stirring After Sunset

After the sun sets, some animals emerge to hunt for their prey. Others will come out at night because the darkness provides better protection than the day. Meet nocturnal animals from the Zoo in this program as we explore what it's like to live in the dark, and why these late night animals are our friends.

Then, Now and Beyond

Take a trip down memory lane with our docents, looking at past pictures from the Saint Louis Zoo. Meet live animals and find out what we’re doing today to conserve wild things and wild places.

Wonderful World of Animals

This program will highlight the wonderful world of animals. We will bring animals, biofacts and other materials to your site to provide a multi-sensory experience on this topic.


Can you get warts from a toad? How do snakes smell their prey? In this program, we’ll examine some common misconceptions that people may have about animals and - with the help of some live animal guests - bust those misunderstandings!

Zoo Conservation

The Saint Louis Zoo is working to save endangered species both on our St. Louis campus and around the world. This program will introduce you to the work of our WildCare Institute. We will bring live animals from different continents to teach you about the diversity of wildlife on our planet.

Zoo "Tails"

Zoo presenters will share stories, pictures, and videos about how we care for our animals, as we learn what goes on behind the scenes at the Zoo.  Live animals that aren't on public display will be featured.

Information, Pricing and Scheduling

Each adult outreach program lasts 45 minutes. We can provide a one-time program for you. Or many of our current clients have us deliver programs on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis.

Please see Outreach Programs for information on pricing, requesting a program and frequently asked questions.

For more information, please contact the Education Department at (314) 646-4544, option #6, or e-mail