1.  Payment of amount due: Advance reservations and full payment of any and all fees are required for all programs. Please click here for program prices. If paying by check, a minimum of eight weeks’ notice is required for all programs.  Full payment is due 30 days from the invoice date.  If your payment is not received within 30 days, your program will be canceled.  Programs scheduled with less than 8 weeks’ notice, but with a minimum of four weeks, require full credit card payment at the time of scheduling.

  • Transfer fees: Please schedule programs carefully.  Program transfers may be requested based on our ability to reschedule your program and are determined by space availability.  A $5 transfer fee will be charged per program for the first transfer date.  A $10 transfer fee will be charged for additional transfers.  Transfer fees must be paid with a credit card at the time requested.  We cannot accommodate same day or next day transfers.
  • Cancellations: Please notify the Education Department at (314) 646-4544 or the Outreach Administrative Assistant at (314) 646-4677 immediately if you need to cancel your program(s).  A full refund, minus a $5 cancellation fee per program, will be issued for programs canceled four weeks prior to the scheduled program date.  A 50% program fee refund will be issued for notification received two to four weeks prior to the program date.  There is no refund for groups that cancel with less than two weeks’ notice.  In the event that your organization and/or the Zoo is closed the day of your program, due to weather, we will try to reschedule your program or issue a full refund.

2.  Program Location: For the safety and well-being of the live animals, we must be indoors in a temperature-controlled (i.e. – air conditioned/heated) building.  We must be in a secured room, not a public place like a lobby or hallway.  Examples of approved spaces include: classrooms, libraries, theaters, cafeterias (with no food or drink present), and meeting rooms.  We cannot present programs at private residences.

3.  Group size: Our minimum group size is 10, with a maximum group size of 30 (children and adults).  For programs for individuals with special needs, the minimum size is 8, with a maximum of 16.  Larger groups may schedule an assembly program.  Our programs are designed to be an enjoyable, interactive learning experience.  If the outreach instructor(s) arrive at your location and the number of participants exceeds the number booked and the instructor feels that the program cannot be safely or effectively delivered, he or she may return to the Zoo without presenting the program.  No refunds will be issued.

4.  Participants, Safety, and Live Animals: For groups of 10-30, audience participants can touch select animals.  For groups larger than 30 participants, we can bring animals for observation, but not to be touched.  Outreach Instructors must adhere to specific animal handling policies and guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals.  If at any point, an outreach instructor feels the safety or well-being of any animal is in jeopardy, he or she can declare “no animal touching” regardless of group size.  For health and safety reasons, the minimum age for preschool programs is 2 years of age.

The Saint Louis Zoo adheres to the Association of Zoo and Aquariums Animal Contact policy, which recognizes that there is some risk of disease transmission any time humans and animals come in contact.  As an institution, we do our best to minimize those risks through preventative exams and vaccines, responsible hand washing, and excellent animal management and care.  During the education programs, hand sanitizer will be provided after contact with animals.

5.  Supervision: A minimum of one adult chaperone per group of 30 is recommended for all youth programs.  Adult supervisor(s) must remain with the students throughout the program(s).  For childcare facilities, we require that adult/child ratios be maintained at all times during the program(s).  See Missouri Code of State Regulations 19 CSR 30-62.112 Staff/Child Ratios  or Illinois Administrative Code Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers Section 407.190 Grouping and Staffing.  Outreach staff may ask chaperones to assist with classroom management, to aid in program activities, and/or to help students with proper animal touching/hand sanitizing.

6.  Program schedules: When you receive your invoice, please check all dates and times to ensure accuracy.  If there is a conflict, please contact the Outreach Coordinator immediately.  The day of your program(s), the instructor(s) will make every effort to arrive 10-15 minutes early before the program start time, to set up.  The program will begin and end promptly on time, as the animals are limited in how long they may be away from the Zoo.  If there is unanticipated traffic and the instructor may be late, he or she will contact you at the phone number provided.

7.  Photographs: Photo-taking of the programs is always welcome, provided that is does not interrupt the program experience.  We do request that if an official media representative will be an attendance during the program(s) that the individual identifies him or herself to the Outreach Instructor prior to the start of the program.  Additionally, the Zoo may take photographs during the program.  These photos may be used by the Zoo for both internal and external publications, including on the Zoo website and/or social media channels.  If you wish that photos are NOT taken of your program, it is your responsibility to notify the Manager of Learning Experiences prior to the program date.

8.  Food and beverage: There can be no food or beverages, except for water, present during the program. 

9.  Extreme weather: Extreme weather conditions including but not limited to: excessive hot or cold temperatures, severe weather, or dangerous driving conditions restrict our ability to transport live animals.  In the event that a program must be canceled due to weather, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Zoo, the Manager of Learning Experiences will work with you to reschedule the programs or issue a full refund for the program(s).