Groups within the Zoo-Museum District of St. Louis City and County receive discounted pricing on some programs. Please note: all programs require full payment to be received before the program date.

  • 20-minute program fee: $50 ($45 ZMD)
  • 30-minute program fee: $60 ($55 ZMD)
  • 45-50 minute program fee: $80 ($65 ZMD)
  • 75-minute program fee: $95 ($80 ZMD)
  • 90-minute program fee: $125 ($100 ZMD)
  • 2 hour program fee: $150 ($125 ZMD)
  • 2-1/2 hour program fee: $180 ($150 ZMD)
  • Half day (3 hours) program fee: $275 ($225 ZMD)
  • Full day (6 hours) program fee: $375 ($300 ZMD)

*Please note that the STEM programs have different pricing structures, due to the resources needed to provide those programs.


For groups scheduling at least two months in advance, an invoice will be sent promptly. Full payment is due one month from invoice date. If your payment is not received within one month, your program will be canceled. For groups scheduling with less than two months’ notice, with a minimum of one months’ notice, full credit card payment is required at the time of scheduling. Your reservation is not confirmed until complete payment is received. We are unable to schedule programs with less than one month’s notice.


Please notify the Education Department at (314) 646-4544 immediately if you need to cancel. Another group may be able to take your place.


One Month Prior to Program:

A full refund will be issued minus a $5 cancellation fee if you notify the Education Department at least one month prior to your program. There is a $5 cancellation fee per program.

Between ten business days and one month Prior to Program:

You are entitled to a 50% program fee refund if you notify the Education Department between 10 business days and one month prior to your program date.

Less than ten business days Prior to Program:

There is no refund for groups that cancel with less than two weeks' notice.

Please note: In the event that your school and/or the Zoo is closed the day of your program due to weather, we will try to reschedule your program or issue a full refund.


Program transfers must be requested a minimum of one month in advance and may be approved based on our ability to reschedule you. Transfers are determined by resource (space, instructor, etc.) availability. A $5 transfer fee will be charged per program for the first transfer date. A $10 transfer fee will be charged for additional transfers. Transfer fees must be paid with credit card at the time requested. We cannot accommodate same day or next day transfers.