The programs below take a deeper dive into Zoo topics. These programs are longer in length and have varying prices, depending upon what the program entails. The descriptions will provide more detailed information for each program.

Keeper Creativity: Engineering for Animals - 1st-5th grade

COST: $230 ($180 ZMD)

Program length: 2 1/2 hours

Do you love getting surprise packages or new toys? Animals do too, and it’s healthy for them! At the Zoo we call it enrichment. Enrichment helps animals move around, use their senses, and keep their brain busy! In our hands-on program, students will learn what enrichment is, what we use, and how it’s made. Students will have the opportunity to brainstorm and draw their own animal enrichment design! Students will also compare and contrast enrichment items for Zoo animals and discuss which would be better and why. This program will be conducted outside, on Zoo grounds. A short enrichment-themed Zoo tour is also included. Let’s get creative!

MO GLES: 1.ETS1.A.1, 2.ETS1.A.1, 3.ETS1.A.1, 4.ETS1.A.1, 5.ETS1.A.1, 1.ETS1.B.1, 2.ETS1.B.1

NGSS: 1.ETS1.2, 2.ETS1.2

To schedule this program, please contact the Education office at (314) 646-4544 #6 (see Scheduling Information).


Conservation in Action: Turtle Tracking - 2nd-12th grade

Would you like your students to try field biology, use scientific tools, and contribute to an ongoing conservation research project? If so, join us to learn about how the Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Medicine (ICM) is working locally with box turtles to study their long-term movement and health by comparing ‘city’ versus ‘country’ turtles. The program includes an introductory classroom portion (either on Zoo grounds, via Zoom, or via a visit to your school); then students will go into Forest Park and, using radio telemetry equipment, find a box turtle in our study and record observational data for this project. 

Please note: groups must provide their own transportation around Forest Park to the study site. All students must wear appropriate clothing (long-pants) and close-toed walking shoes. 

Program Length: 2 ½ hours, available August through October and April through May

NOTE: Only three tracking experiences are available each week, so book early.

Group size: 24 max (students will be divided into two groups of 12 for the tracking portion) 

Cost varies depending upon the introductory program delivery method:

  • 45 minute introduction in Zoo classroom, followed immediately by turtle tracking in Forest Park $380 ($300 ZMD)
  • 45 minute introduction via Zoom, with a tracking experience in Forest Park on a different date $300 ($260 ZMD)
  • 45 minute introduction at your school, with a tracking experience in Forest Park on a different date $410 ($330 ZMD) 

A portion of the program fee goes directly to the Institute for Conservation Medicine.

For Turtle Tracking ONLY, click below to request program:

Turtle Tracking Request Form