Virtual Zoo Field Trip: Choose your own adventure

Cost: $225 
Length: 45 minutes     

Choose your own virtual field trip experience! Two Zoo Educators will guide you on your adventure, one in our Distance Learning studio, and one at the Zoo locations you choose so you can see what the animals are doing! Your students will have a blast learning about Zoo animals and interacting with Zoo Educators while never leaving your classroom.    

We are able to accommodate any size group for virtual field trips, for participants within a reasonable age/grade range.  Please note, however, that for groups larger than 35 participants, we will present Zoom webinar style.  You will be able to see and hear the presenters, but the presenters will not be able to see or hear the participants.  Participants can still interact via chat and the Q&A feature in Zoom.

Choose one Theme:  

Animal Adaptations: Learn about the behaviors and specialized features animals have that help them get what they need. 

Missouri Science Grade Level Expectations: 3.LS3.B.1, 4.LSD1.D.1, 6-8.LS1.B.1, NGSS: 3-LS3-1 (LS3.B), 3-LS4-3 (LS4.C), 4-LS1-1 (LS1.A)   

What it Takes to be a Zoo Keeper: Learn about how the keepers take care of the animals and what their daily routine is like.   

Animal Classification: Learn why scientists place animals into groups and discover more about specific vertebrates.   

Missouri Science Grade Level Expectation 5.LS1.A.1 

Pole to Pole: Learn about animals that live in extremely cold habitats in the wild and what it takes to survive those freezing temperatures.


Choose one Adventure*:

Jungle of the Apes/Bird House: From the super strong to super flight, you’ll learn about our apes and bird species at the Zoo.   

Herpetarium/Primate House: From reptiles and amphibians to monkeys and lemurs, this virtual adventure is sure to have something for everyone.    

River’s Edge Safari: Hop continents while never leaving your classroom. Students will have an engaging adventure exploring Zoo animals on River’s Edge. You’ll never know what you’ll see!   

Marvelous Mascots: Is your school mascot an animal? We can connect the virtual field trip adventure to learn about your mascot!* (NOTE: subject to availability)   

Polar Plunge: On this adventure, we will visit semi-aquatic animals who live at the Zoo. Our visit may include any of the following: polar bear, penguins, seals, and sea lions.


*Locations may change based on unexpected maintenance/closure of certain exhibits.

For more information and to book a program, please email

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