Sunday, September 27, 2020

11 a.m.

Join us for a Virtual Climate Solutions Day where you can participate in climate change discussions and community solutions.

We are proud to host six representatives of local community organizations addressing climate change issues and learn what you can do to help. Together we can support our community to make a difference in climate change!  

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Virtual Climate Solutions Day Registration

One Webinar. Six Important Topics.

Hopeful Climate Change Conversations

Hannah Phillips,
Saint Louis Zoo 

Hannah Phillips is the Manager of Docents and Interpreters at the Saint Louis Zoo.  She has been in the field of Environmental Education for almost 20 years with a M.S. degree from Antioch University as well as being a Certified Intetpretive Guide and Trainer through the National Association for Interpretation (NAI).  In 2012 she became a co-facilitator for the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) and since has led study circles, workshops, webinars and training for people interested in having productive conversations for solutions to climate change.  For the Saint Louis Zoo Climate Solutions Day, she will be leading a brief presentation introducing the concepts to have productive conversations.  To learn more about NNOCCI network and their now online crash course in climate change communication you can visit:

Gardening for Birds and Other Wildlife
Mitch Leachman,
St. Louis Audubon 
Mitch Leachman is the Director of Programs for the St. Louis Audubon Society and coordinator of the Bring Conservation Home program. He has been gardening with native plants for over 15 years and enjoys every one of the critters supported by his current inventory of 75 species of native plants. On staff with St. Louis Audubon since 2008, Mitch plans and coordinates many chapter activities, including Bring Conservation Home, community stewardship projects, social media and outreach.
This introductory talk will describe why native plants are essential to support wildlife, highlight some widely adaptable plants you can use at your own home, and outline a number of resources to help you get started creating your own nature sanctuary.
The Green Dining Alliance Mission and Sustainability Practices during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Victoria Donaldson 
Green Dining Alliance
Victoria Donaldson serves as Program Manager of the Green Dining Alliance, a program of earthday365 that works with restaurants in the St. Louis area to reduce their impact on the environment. She has worked with earthday365 for nearly 2 years where she started as Assistant Program Manager for the GDA. Prior to and during her work with earthday365, she has served in various capacities with nonprofits across the St. Louis area.
Victoria will be discussing the GDA and its mission and sustainable practices you can implement during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Eco-Logical Mosquito Control

Jean Ponzi
Green Resources Manager
EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden

Jean Ponzi serves as Green Resources Manager at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. A 25-year veteran of the Garden’s EarthWays Center team, she currently applies her sustainability expertise as manager of the St. Louis Green Business Challenge, operator of the Garden’s Green Resources Info Service, and on the leadership team for the regional initiative BiodiverseCity St. Louis. “Green Jean” is in demand as a speaker, writer and media spokesperson, offering audiences both practical options and ecological inspiration.

Learn some what-why-how of mosquitos to protect our pollinators while controlling a pest. From their breeding habits to your body chemistry, let this knowledge transform what bugs you to sustainable swats!

The City of St Louis Climate Protection Initiative: Climate Solution Opportunities for Everyone

Catherine Werner
City of St Louis Sustainability Director

Catherine Werner has been the City's first Sustainability Director since 2009, and works on numerous urban sustainability initiatives for the City. From 2010-2013, Catherine spearheaded development of an award-winning and comprehensive Sustainability Plan for the City of St. Louis, and currently oversees implementation of sustainability priorities for the City.

Catherine will describe the City of St. Louis Climate Protection Initiative and its target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. She will highlight recent Climate Solutions undertaken by the City, as well as opportunities for citizens to take climate action.
Taking Climate Action from Your Couch (Covid 19 Edition)
Natalie Lucas
Care About Climate 
Natalie is the CEO of Care About Climate, which is an international organization that educates, unites, and empowers people around the world for climate action. Natalie also serves as the Secretary for the Board of Directors for Sierra Club, and is the youngest woman to be elected to that position. She has been doing climate campaigning, action, and policy making since she was 16 and she is passionate about plugging people into the movement! 

Climate Change Position of the Saint Louis Zoo

Throughout its history, the Earth's climate has varied, reflecting our environment's complex interactions and dependences. Humans have been changing the planet ever since the dawn of agriculture 10,000 years ago. However, during the 20th century, the rate of climate change increased dramatically—the greatest in the last 150 years. This increase is due to the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The rampant burning of these fossil fuels has increased the amount of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere at a rate too fast for the earth's regular processes to handle.

Scientific consensus holds that climate change is interrupting natural cycles, causing habitat loss and prompting more extreme weather patterns. All of this affects animals. As a conservation organization, the Saint Louis Zoo has a responsibility to constructively engage in climate change solutions.

See the more on the climate change position of the Saint Louis Zoo.

St. Louis Area Conservation & Sustainability Organizations

Want to get involved? Here are some local organizations you can follow and/or volunteer with. 

St Louis Sustainability and Conservation Organizations