Sunday, April 1 
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Weather permitting

"Egg Hunts" for the Animals

Everybody likes a food treat, and Saint Louis Zoo animals are no exception! The Zoo's enrichment team has planned special "egg hunts" for animals. Visitors can also meet keepers at Keeper Chats.

Kids' enrichment activities will be offered from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Schnuck Family Plaza.

Eggstravaganza Schedule 

9:30 Sea Lion Sound  California sea lion
10:00 Bird House King vulture
10:30 River's Edge Nile hippopotamus 
11:00 Primate House Allen's swamp monkey 
11:30 Herpetarium Giant tortoise
12:00 Children's Zoo (Building)* Slender-tailed meerkat
12:30 Children's Zoo* Vietnamese pot-bellied pig
1:00 Big Cat Country Lion
1:30 Red Rocks Takin
2:00 Jungle of the Apes Western lowland gorilla
2:30 River's Edge Asian elephant
3:00 Centene Grizzly Ridge Grizzly bear
3:30 Penguin & Puffin Coast Humboldt penguin

*Admission to the Children's Zoo required.
Schedule is subject to change and weather permitting.

Keepers, curators and volunteers plan animal enrichment activities for Zoo animals throughout the year. Enrichment makes life more interesting for the animals. They are encouraged to forage for food, invent “toys” out of everyday items, explore with new exhibit “furniture” such as logs and vines, or even sniff new scents. Enrichment activities are fun for the animals, the visitors and the keepers.