June 8, 2020

Happy World Oceans Day!

Please join us in celebrating virtually by checking out all of the fun activities we have here! 

Meet Our Seals & Sea lions

First, we have a video all about harbor seals and California sea lions and how we take care of our seals and sea lions here at the Zoo!

Judy & Jerry Kent Sea Lion Sound

Next, test all of your new knowledge with our Sea Lion Sound Trivia Game!  


You can download our World Oceans Day SEALebration booklet for lots of great info (that will come in handy with the next activity!).

World Oceans Day SEALebration 2020

And last, since all of but one of our sea lions was born in the month of June, we'd love to see your birthday wishes for our SEALebration! 
Print off this sea lion cut out, decorate it and/or write a birthday wish.  Then, display it in your home or out your window and share it with us on social media using #StlZooSEALebration!
Sealion Birthday Wishes