The Mary Ann Lee Conservation Carousel at the Saint Louis Zoo is a wonderful educational and recreational resource. Children and their families can marvel at each beautifully hand-carved animal. The message that we all need to help conserve these magnificent species and their threatened habitats will be apparent to all of our visitors. But, the Conservation Carousel is also something much more.

The Conservation Carousel is a vehicle for change. The funds generated for the Conservation Carousel help the Zoo expand our international conservation and research efforts. Those enjoying a ride on the Conservation Carousel will have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting a vital cause -- the preservation of the world's endangered species and the habitats where they live. This support will increase the funds available for our efforts in places like Madagascar, Nicaragua, the Galapagos Islands and right here in Missouri. Learn more about these projects and ways to support our conservation efforts through the WildCare Institute. The Zoo had its one millionth rider on the carousel in early 2007.

The Saint Louis Zoo Needs Your Support

Your gift to the Zoo Foundation to support the Conservation Carousel will have a lasting impact. The Conservation Carousel itself will remain a fixture at the Zoo and in the community for decades to come. The memories created and the messages learned will work in tandem to transform how our visitors -- and ultimately, the entire community -- understand the complex challenges of conservation of endangered species. With your support for the Conservation Carousel, we can make a difference.

To learn more about the Conservation Carousel or the Zoo's conservation and research efforts, please contact:

Development Office
Saint Louis Zoo Foundation
One Government Drive
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 646-4691
Or e-mail

Conservation Carousel Gift Opportunities

Gift OpportunityLevelReserved by
Conservation Carousel Reserved Mary Ann Lee
Carousel Plaza $500,000 available
Carousel Cafe & Overlook Reserved May Department Stores Company
Pathway 1 Reserved A.G. Edwards
Pathway 1 Reserved A.G. Edwards
Drinking Fountain Reserved Kathleen and Larry Horgan
Chariots $50,000
2 available

Carousel Animals

Babirusa $25,000 available
Black Bear Reserved Lionelle Elsesser
Black Bear Reserved  
Polar Bear Reserved Tony and Pat Ham
Polar Bear Cub Reserved Ann Jackson
Polar Bear Cub Reserved Doug and Vicki Hill
Spectacled Bear Reserved William and Chachie Brennan
Sun Bear Reserved Ann and Mike Case
Sun Bear Reserved Mark and Karen Tulper
Capybara Reserved Steve and Andi Schankman
Capybara Reserved Alwyn and Bonnie Wolfarth
Caterpillar Reserved Rosalie Eickoff
Cheetah Reserved Doris and David Lichtenstein
Cheetah Reserved Barbara Barnes Miller
Cheetah Reserved Bob Hermann, Jr.
Chimpanzee Reserved Melvyn and Dorothy Lefkowitz
White Naped Crane $25,000 available
Asian Elephant Reserved John and Audrey Steinfeld
Asian Elephant Reserved Ann Kosup
Asian Elephant Reserved Mike Emch and Alisa Gordon and Family
Poison Dart Frog Reserved Rosalie Eickoff
Giraffe Reserved Van and Marion Black
Ne Ne Goose Reserved Ted and Robbie Beaty
Lowland Silver Back Gorilla Reserved Paul and Ann Lux
Gorilla Youngsters on log Reserved Jerre and Jack Minner
Nile Hippopotamus Reserved Betty-Mae Stienhans
Nile Hippopotamus Reserved David A. Blanton III
Nile Hippopotamus Reserved Ruth and Al Siteman
Spotted Hyena Reserved Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Archer
Jaguar Reserved Tarlton
Black Leopard Reserved Doris Werkema
Snow Leopard Reserved F. Holmes Lamoreux
Spotted Leopard Reserved Mahlon B. Wallace III and Lee R. Wallace
Lion Reserved Frank Spielberg and Bessie Spielberg Foundation
Lion Cub Reserved Bert and Karen Condie
Mountain Lion Reserved Karen Bedell
Okapi Reserved Mary Ann Lee
Ostrich Reserved Wayne and Kelli Vincent
Ostrich Reserved Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baur
River Otter Reserved Debbie and Barry Koenemann
River Otter Reserved Jan Holloway
Red Panda Reserved Steve Kreigh, Pamella S. Gronemeyer & Rebecca Kriegh
Red Panda Reserved The Hayes Family
Humboldt Penguin Reserved Nancy Kalishman
Humboldt Penguin Reserved Bill and Kathy Shannahan
Horned Puffin Reserved Vivian Reisinger
Horned Puffin Reserved Susan Taylor
Rabbit Reserved Bill and Lainey Lortz
Rabbit Reserved Georgia Frontiere
Black Rhino Reserved Greg and Terese Portell
Black Rhino Reserved Ken Steinback
Sea Lion Reserved JoAnn Kindle
Snake on a log Reserved Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Baur
Somali Wild Ass Reserved Bill and Jean Sippy
Somali Wild Ass Reserved Marian Mills
Saddle Bill Stork $25,000 available
Siberian Tiger Reserved Nancy Kalishman
Siberian Tiger Reserved Sally and Jack Higgins
Siberian Tiger Reserved Bob Hermann, Jr.
Siberian Tiger Reserved Barbara Taylor
Warthog Reserved Van and Marion Black
Warthog Reserved Jerry, Judy, Matthew and Rachel Kent
Grevy's Zebra Reserved S. Lee Kling
Grevy's Zebra Reserved Anita Siegmund

Carousel Benches


2 available

In loving memory of Maurice D. Artstein from his daughters, Anita & Susan
In memory of Patrick J. Fister from family and friends
In loving memory of Kaye M. Forman
In honor of Rev. and Mrs. Herman Gore, Jr.
Bonnie and Gary Halls Family
In honor of the grandchildren of Bonnie and Gary Halls: Luke, Zoe, Chloe, Leah, Cooper and Ellie
In honor of Susan Taylor Lane
In loving memory of Eugene, Lois and Bill Punshon
Williams Patent Crusher and Pulverizer Company
Darlene Skaggs
Janet Lever
Mike Ross in honor of his service to the Zoo
Monica Bamford in memory of David A. Bamford
George Bornemann in memory of Jacqueline L. Bornemann
David Erich in memory of Elaine Erich