Zoo’s Dwarf Zebu, Star of Children’s Book

Emerson Children’s Zoo keeper Carolyn Mueller is the author of the recently published “Bubbles the Dwarf Zebu,” the children’s book about the Zoo’s own special cow making a big journey from India to the U.S.

Dwarf Zebus, like Bubbles, are an ancient breed of cattle known for their “dewlaps” and “humps.” They are cherished in India for their strength, spirit and energy. The book chronicles Bubbles’ journey to live in the United States, where she finds that her dewlap and hump make her look a bit different. At first, Bubbles is sad and wants to fit in. But when she finally finds a home, she makes lots of new friends and realizes her differences are really what make her so special after all. Check out the book at www.bubblesthedwarfzebu.com

A graduate of Depauw University with a creative writing degree, Carolyn wrote and illustrated this charming tale. Look for the real Bubbles in the Children’s Zoo.