Take a piece of the Zoo home! The Saint Louis Zoo has the perfect gift for any occasion. From artwork and jewelry to Zoo apparel and exclusive plush toys, a day at the Zoo just got more interesting.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Find holiday gifts for everyone on your list at the Saint Louis Zoo this year. Proceeds from all sales benefit the animals and programs of the Zoo.

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Treetop Shop

The largest store at the Zoo is Treetop Shop located in The Living World at the Zoo’s north entrance. Shop for Saint Louis Zoo apparel from t-shirts and outfits to hats and other accessories, as well as books, games, plush toys and souvenirs. Visit the newly expanded Conservation Commerce area for handcrafted items from around the world. Open daily, year-round.

Safari Gift Shop

The Safari Gift Shop has 3,000 square feet stock full of Zoo merchandise and is located at the south entrance. This gift shop contains a large assortment of Zoo-themed products, from general toys and apparel to souvenirs and sundries. Open daily, year-round - weather permitting.

P&P Provisions

After stepping into the icy cold of Penguin & Puffin Coast, warm up at P&P Provisions. This gift store offers products that relate to our penguins, puffins and other aquatic themed items. Open daily, year-round - weather permitting.

Bear Market

Bear-themed items are available in this new gift shop as guests enter or leave McDonnell Polar Bear Point. The store carries native arts, handmade crafts, t-shirts and plush toys. Gift store products also carry messages about the ways each of us can reduce our carbon footprint. Open daily, year-round - weather permitting.

Tropical Traders

Bring home a souvenir from your Stingrays at Caribbean Cove adventure! Shop for a variety of ocean-related items including plush stingrays and other sea life items, T-shirts, tropical attire, nautical gifts and more. (Open in spring and summer.)

Ranger Station

Located in River's Edge, this gift shop sells all things elephant! This station also showcases original Indian and Asian handicrafts and gifts. S(Open daily, spring through fall, weather permitting.)

Phil's Trading Company

This new shop is located outside the Jungle of the Apes and contains merchandise inspired by the great apes – our chimpanzees, orangutans and western lowland gorillas. Open daily, spring through fall (weather permitting).

Wild Outpost

The Wild Outpost is located between the Wild Train Station and Fragile Forest, the new outdoor home to the great apes. Shop for Zooline Railroad merchandise and items inspired by the great apes of Fragile Forest – our chimpanzees, orangutans and western lowland gorillas. Open daily, spring through fall (weather permitting).

Gift Carts

Seasonal gift carts are scattered about the Zoo grounds during the warmer months, weather permitting. Each cart carries hats, battery operated fans, disposable cameras, plush items and are themed to the areas where they are located. Open daily, spring through fall (weather permitting).