For that special someone who makes your heart puff up, give a horned puffin adoption for Valentine’s Day!

Adopt a horned puffin, and for $50, including shipping and handling, the Zoo will deliver a horned puffin adoption package to anyone in the continental U.S.

This special adoption includes:

  • A 12-inch horned puffin plush toy with a 2020 commemorative tag (while supplies last)
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Valentine's Day card
  • Color photo with animal facts
  • Car decal
  • Name on the Zoo Parents Donor Wall and website for one year
  • Invitation to the Zoo Parents Picnic


  • Online: 
    • This special adoption package is $50. Price includes shipping and handling**.  
    • To ensure February 14 delivery, online orders are accepted through  January 31.


  • Mail-In:
    •  This special adoption package is $50. Price includes shipping and handling.**
    • To ensure February 14 delivery, orders must be postmarked by January 26.
  • In-person: 
    • This special adoption package is $50 for shipped orders** and $40 for pick-up orders.
    • Visit a Welcome Desk at the North or South Entrances of the Zoo.
    • To ensure February 14 delivery, shipped orders are accepted through January 31 and pick-up orders are accepted through February 14.
  • By phone:
    • This special adoption package is $50 including shipping and handling**.
    • Call (314) 646-4771, option 2 during regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • To ensure February 14 delivery, phone orders are accepted through January 31.

** Prices include shipping and handling for locations within the contiguous United States.

Supplies are limited. 

*Anniversary seals and renewal commemorative gifts, when applicable, will be mailed.


All proceeds go directly toward the care and feeding of the animals.