Experience adventure with those that roamed Earth millions of years ago.


 Dinoroarus Returns to the Zoo!


Open Daily Through Sunday, November 6, 2022

Colossal creatures and bumpy behemoths have returned to the Zoo! Throughout Dinoroarus, in this land before time, discover the amazing connections between dinosaurs and modern-day living animals while walking among 14 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs. Guests of all ages will learn about what scientists can gather from fossils, theories of the dinosaurs' mass extinction and ways we all can support wildlife today! Information on ticketing can be found below; tickets to this exhibit must be purchased in-person at the Zoo.

What's New at Dinoroarus?

Returning Colossal Friends

  • Life-size triceratops (tri-SERR-uh-tops)
  • 12-foot-tall tyrannosaurus rex (tie-RAN-oh-SORE-us REX)
  • Giant stork-like quetzalcoatlus (ket-zel-KWAT-lus)
  • 18-foot-tall brachiosaurus (brack-ee-oh-SORE-us)
  • Nest of duck-billed parasaurolophus babies (PAR-ah-saw-RAH-lo-fuss)
  • Animals that lived alongside dinosaurs, like jellies!

Brand New Features This Year!

  • A new, spikey dinosaur - the euoplocephalus (yoo-plow-seh-fuh-luhs)
  • A massive area with new and old digging opportunities, including the Dino Dig. But be careful! There's a dinosaur joining you in that space!
  • An exciting magnetic Dino Wall where guests can build dinosaurs!
  • More engaging educational activities!

Tickets and Visiting Information

Tickets to the attraction are not available in advance of your visit or online. 

General Admission Ticket

  • A ticket to Dinoroarus is $5.95 per person for ages 2 and up, and children under age 2 can enter for free. General admission tickets may be purchased at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.

Zoo Member Admission Tickets 

  • Zoo members may use their member benefits for free admission to Dinoroarus. Members may pick up tickets to Dinoroarus at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.

Adventure Pass

  • Dinoaroarus is included in the Adventure Pass. (All-day admission on day of purchase) Guests who purchase the Adventure Pass may enter Dinoroarus at by showing their Adventure Pass wrist band. The passes can be purchased at Zoo entrances, Guest Relations at Lakeside Crossing or any attraction ticket booth.
  • Masks and face coverings are not required, but they are recommended for guests when inside buildings.

    Please note the safety of guests, staff and animals is the Zoo's highest priority, and safety measures are subject to change. See the reservations page for up-to-date details prior to your visit. 

  • Emerson Dinoroarus is a seasonal exhibit. It will continue at the Zoo while the Zoo reimagines and redevelops the approximately 3-acre area into a new, permanent family and children's area, which will continue the Zoo's mission of connecting families and children with animals.

  • Each animal has a story to tell about what they have in common with animals living at the time of dinosaurs.

    “Learning about dinosaurs is kind of like ‘CSI,’ using really old evidence,” said Michael Macek, Director of the Saint Louis Zoo. “Paleontologists ask questions about why certain dinosaurs moved to different places and why their food supplies or habitats were threatened. And those are exactly the kind of questions Zoo conservationists ask today in trying to save animals from extinction.”

    During your visit to Dinoroarus, see North American river otters, fish, moon jellies, sea stars, urchins, sponges, coral and anemones. These animals lived alongside dinosaurs millions of years ago.

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