Enter the Saint Louis Zoo's Bayer Insectarium for a dramatic, eye-opening view of the vast world of invertebrates. They may not inherit the earth, but they have their own building now! Check out an amazing array of insects, from the commonplace cockroach to the exotic Peruvian fire sticks! Plus, stroll through the domed Mary Ann Lee Butterfly Wing, where you will marvel at all manner of winged invertebrates including moths, dragonflies, ladybugs and, of course, butterflies.

The Insectarium is one of a handful of exhibits in North America dedicated solely to bugs. It hosts more than 20 major exhibit areas, with more than 100 species of live insects. These creatures are definitely underrated. You can learn about how hard working they really are -- how they recycle waste, pollinate plants and support the entire cycle of life. Whew!

As you enter, you'll find an eight-foot steel sculpture of a centaurus beetle on which you can climb and pose for a picture. Circling the entrance are much-bigger-than-life-sized ants. Just a few of the exhibits are:

  • The Mary Ann Lee Butterfly Wing is a geodesic dome filled with tropical plants, rock outcroppings, a waterfall and pool. Walk amongst beautiful butterflies, moths and katydids. Watch green and blue dragonflies and black-winged damselflies hover near the pool. Look for the colorful blue morpho butterflies .
  • Not Home Alone is a complete kitchen, front porch and garden. You can lift the lids and open the drawers of various discovery zones and get a new, and surprising, look at your housemates.
  • The Better To See You With is where you can find a date in the dark!
  • Glimpse inside a working beehive to see how these insects help pollinate our crops and feed millions of people on our planet.

Insectarium Admission is Free

Admission to Insectarium is free all day, every day.

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