The Bird House is temporarily closed starting October 24, 2022.

The Saint Louis Zoo is home to a diverse collection of birds, from the rainforest to the desert.

Vertical stainless steel wires, almost invisible, allow the visitor an unobstructed view of the colorful, resident birds that call this lushly planted and dramatically scenic exhibit home. The exhibits transport the visitor from tropical rainforest to lake shore to desert. Much on-display nesting takes place.

In 1996 the Zoo opened a new Bird Garden located on two acres between the Bird House and the 1904 Flight Cage. The garden was designed as a tranquil escape for bird lovers. A winding pathway through the Bird Garden leads to six large aviaries, a spacious walk-through aviary and a shaded pavilion overlooking an exhibit of cranes. You’ll see a diversity of birds from around the world.

Pathways and boardwalks meander gently through a woodsy landscape. A flowing stream and several reflecting pools add to the visitor's experience. Shaded overlooks allow you to view bird exhibits from tranquil vantage points.

The birds are in natural settings behind nearly invisible piano wires. Some of the residents in the Bird Garden are just as spectacular as their surroundings.

Our waterfowl collection is the largest of any public institution in the nation!

Explore the next habitat, the 1904 Flight Cage.

Learn more about our birds including those in the Bird House & Garden: