Monkey Mania 2021

March is bananas at the Zoo! Join us in celebrating the return of Saint Louis Zoo’s Monkey Mania!

Our primate keepers have selected eight monkey species to be featured in a friendly online voting competition.

Once a week, starting March 2, you will have a chance to vote at for your favorite species (based on animal traits) to help them advance from the Arboreal Eight, through the Forest Four and on to the Final round.

The champion will be featured on our social media and have the Primate House named after them for the day!  

Vote at

2020 Winner – Cotton-top Tamarin 2020 Winner – Cotton-top Tamarin

Arboreal Eight

The Buzzer Beater

Francois/Spectacled Langur

Vote on March 2

White-Faced Saki

Vote on March 2

Black-Handed Spider Monkey

Vote on March 9

Guereza Colobus

Vote on March 9

Allen's Swamp Monkey

Vote on March 16

Golden Lion Tamarin

Vote on March 16

 Goeldi’s Monkey

Vote on March 23

Geoffroy's Marmoset

Vote on March 23

Forest Four 


The Final


All photos by Ethan Riepl.