Ice Cream Oasis has a large variety of cool, refreshing treats. A great way to enjoy the Zoo!

Open spring and summer. Closed during winter.

Ice CreamSnacks
Waffle Cone - A World's Fair Original$3.50Homemade Spudmaster Colossal Chips
Cake Cone or Cup$2.75Jumbo Pretzel$3.00
Barq's Root Beer Float$3.75Jumbo Pretzel with Cheese$3.75
Sundaes (strawberry, hot fudge, hot caramel)$3.75Nachos & Cheese$4.75
Toppings (whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles)$0.50 eachLarge Chips$1.50
Dippin' Dots (chocolate, vanilla, rainbow, cookies-n-cream, banana split)Reg $3.75
Lg. $5.75
Funnel Cakes Frozen Snacks
Funnel Cake$5.00Red, White and Blue Super Pop
Funnel Cake with apple or cherry topping $5.50 Rich N Chips $2.75
Funnel Cake a la mode
Zoovenir Sipper$6.99
Zoovenir Sipper Refills$1.00Bottled Water$3.00
Fountain Beverages- Reg. $2.50 Lg. $3.00
(Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, Mr. Pibb, Sprite, Pink Lemonade and Barq's Root Beer)
  Frozen Cherry & Coke
(Reg.$2.75, Lg. $3.50, Zoovenir Sipper $8.99, Sipper Refills $2.50)

Menu updated 03/07. Prices subject to change.