The Saint Louis Zoo has one of the finest collections of hoofed mammals in the nation. The Antelope House and Antelope Habitats are home to most of our hoofed mammals. During the 1930s, the Antelope House was designed to faithfully reproduce huge geological formations found in Graniteville, Missouri. Large moated habitats radiate from the house, which is open year-round for a variety of hoofed mammals. A quiet, shady part of the Zoo, with simulated red granite boulders to mark the trail, the Antelope area is a great way to enjoy a day at the Zoo.

North Habitats: lesser kudu, Somali wild ass, babirusa and soemmerring's gazelle
South Habitats: Grevy's zebra, camel, addax and banteng
East Habitats: giraffe, Speke's gazelle, okapi and kangaroo
West Habitats: gorals, TranscaspiaVisayan Warty Pign urials and takins

Plus, look for these large birds in mixed-species exhibits in the Antelope area: ostrich, saddlebill stork, East African crowned crane and sarus crane.

Learn more about our hoofed stock including those found in Red Rocks: