Sinewy muscles, beautiful fur, shearing teeth, padded toes, supple body, all describe the inhabitants of Big Cat Country. This spectacular natural outdoor setting for tigers, leopards and other big cats was constructed in 1975. Dramatic, simulated rock formations provide realistic backdrops for the handsome felines. Big Cat Country takes the form of a large wheel. Three large open yards, almost one-third of an acre each, have trees and shrubs, boulders and a pool. The center yard has a 27-foot-high waterfall. There are four smaller yards that provide excellent viewing or photographing of the climbing cats. From a safe distance, of course!

An educational graphics area is located in the center of Big Cat Country. Panels illustrate the uniqueness of the cats, their specializations as hunters, their importance as predators in their ecological systems and the problems of survival they face today.

All of the big cats are in danger of extinction in the wild as humans continue to destroy necessary habitat and illegally hunt the cats for their pelts. The Zoo has a commitment to strengthen and perpetuate the animal kingdom through breeding programs and public education.

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