Asian Elephants

The river's edge in Asia branches out to a deep channel of the river with waterfalls and thick brush of trees. The magnificent and mighty Asian elephants live in this spacious natural habitat where they dive and swim in the river, take a dust bath or splash under a waterfall.

See our elephants enjoy grazing on grass, leaves and tree bark just before cooling off in the shallow pools. The Saint Louis Zoo's only male elephant, Raja, was the first elephant born at the Zoo in 1992 and is very popular with visitors and is now a father!

Sun Bear Forest

The Malayan sun bear is the smallest bear species in the world—and the most endangered, with only about 800 sun bears left in the wild. The Zoo's sun bear pair, a male named Rimba and a female named Miskin, came to the Zoo from Borneo in 2000, after they were captured by loggers who were clearing the rain forests.

Since they spend most of their lives in trees, the bears' new home features plenty of tall trees in which to climb, play and rest. When they are ready to descend to the ground, the bears can enjoy the varied terrain or spend time splashing in their waterfall, stream and pool.

Hidden Clues Along the Path

  • Keep a lookout for Asian turtles sunning in the shallow pools. And notice the large lizard climbing up the rock…it's a water monitor.
  • Around the next bend, don't be too startled -- you've surprised a female king cobra protecting her nest of eggs..