Yes, the fascinating great apes of Fragile Forest and Jungle of the Apes are in many ways just like us. Their lives are often as complex as ours. Their interests, relationships and personalities are formed and changed over time. It is in this amazing similarity that we can begin to form appreciation and concern for these individuals -- both at the Saint Louis Zoo and in the wild. See if you can spot the ways we act, look, play and live just like them in the pictures below.

Simple Toys, Endless Imaginations


From Babies to Adults

Family Relations

Frans de Waal has said, "The embarrassing problem animals present to us is that we see ourselves as distant from other animals yet cannot deny the abundant similarities. There are basically two solutions to this problem. One is to downplay the similarities, saying that they are superficial or present only in our imagination. The second solution is to assume that similarities, especially among related species, are profound, reflecting a shared evolutionary past."