Jungle of the Apes is open in the fall, winter and early spring. When the weather is warm during these seasons, some apes may make occasional appearances outdoors. Jungle of the Apes is closed in the summer season when the great apes are outdoors at Fragile Forest.

In this indoor, winter exhibit, groups of western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, and Sumatran orangutans live in surroundings reminiscent of their native habitats.

This comfortable, stimulating environment fosters natural group behaviors and interactions among individuals, facilitates breeding of these endangered species and provides visitors with a glimpse of the great apes behaving much as they would in the wild. For instance, the chimp display at the Jungle of the Apes features a "termite mound" which illustrates the chimp's ability to use tools to obtain specific food items. The termite mound is actually a hollow container with a favorite food item (usually honey) inside. The chimps use various tools, such as small sticks, to fish the treats out through small holes in the mound.

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During the summer months, the apes will be outside in Fragile Forest.